Why IT projects still fail...

Despite new methodologies and management techniques meant to head off spectacular failures, critical technical initiatives still fall flat at an alarming rate. Here’s how IT can learn from its mistakes. In the age of agile development, devops and related management techniques, is IT project failure even a thing anymore? The answer, sadly, is yes. In the past, IT failures often meant high-priced flops, with large-scale software implementations going on way too long and way over budget. Those failures can and still do happen. Case in point: IBM’s never-completed $110 million upgrade to the State of Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system. But IT failure today is frequently different th

Why We Aren’t Seeing Change in Workforce Diversity Numbers (and What We Can Do About It)

If your company had an issue with attracting, retaining, and developing a key source of talent, how confident are you that you could identify and address it? In a world of increasing skills shortages and shifting organizational demands, it is critical that companies harness all of the talent they have and need. But we also know that historically, organizations have had challenges in simply attracting diverse talent in particular—a varied group whose representation in the global labor force is growing by the day—let alone harnessing it to its full potential. In the case of gender diversity, the business case has been convincingly demonstrated in the research. Gender diverse companies are 15%

What is business process management (BPM)? The key to enterprise agility

BPM is evolving as serving customers, rather than cutting costs, is becoming the key motivation for adopting BPM software. Business process management is the practice of aligning goals and processes as businesses evolve. BPM software helps organizations define the steps required to carry out a business task, mapping these definitions to existing processes and then streamlining or improving these processes so that the steps are taken more efficiently. Business processes are the key to the way that almost every company operates. That's because they are the blueprints that are followed to achieve all kinds of business functions, and they enable the different parts of the organization to work to

SAP SuccessFactors Drives Digital Workforce Transformation in Europe

“People are the most powerful asset within any organization, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions deliver cloud-based HR tools that help attract and develop top talent, and empower employees to perform at their best,” said SAP SuccessFactors* President Greg Tomb. “We’re delighted with the recent momentum in Europe as more and more companies choose SAP SuccessFactors solutions to drive digital HR transformation and enable their people to succeed with an HR experience that is continuous, live, intelligent and connected.” Leading European organizations are choosing cloud solutions from SAP to empower global workforce strategies while accommodating regional and local market requirements. The compani

ECM: Providing a differentiated value

IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not just about storing and retrieving files; it’s allowing businesses to truly harness the power of data and apply it to each business process. By customizing and leveraging unstructured data, leaders are making better business decisions by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time to drive more opportunities, customer engagement and growth.

4 lecciones de Game of Thrones para los negocios

En el mundo de los negocios hay una amplia diversidad de roles y juego de estrategias, en donde series como “Game of Thrones” pueden dejarnos muchas enseñanzas. Cada uno de los personajes de esta novela (popularizada por su adaptación a televisión) tiene una historia y pertenece a una familia, que bien podrían asemejar empresas compitiendo por ser el líder absoluto del mercado. Considerando las enseñanzas de esta serie que se ha convertido en una de las más exitosas de la historia, aquí les comparto algunas analogías y enseñanzas aplicadas a los negocios: 1. Ejerza su estilo de liderazgo En las empresas es necesario contar con un liderazgo eficaz, sostenido por un carácter fuerte y templado,

Los ciberataques para robar datos a empresas no son ciencia ficción

Ante la pasividad de la industria por asegurar sus sistemas cada vez más conectados, el investigador y director de Ciberseguridad en Tecnalia, Óscar Lage, advierte que los riesgos son cada vez mayores Todo paraíso tiene su infierno. Al ensueño dibujado por los defensores de la sociedad ultraconectada y el internet de las cosas (IoT, por sus siglas en inglés), le corresponde también un reverso menos onírico dominado por el secuestro de sistemas, el robo de datos, la suplantación de identidad y la destrucción de activos. Una industria conectada es también una industria más amenazada. Y ahora mismo "hay un montón de sistemas que funcionan muy bien porque se han diseñado así, pero en los que nun

HR Analytics: Creating Competitive Advantage

HR analytics has been, for the last 10 years, a hot topic for discussion at senior levels in most successful organizations. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that this discussion has been at the expense of doing. Few organizations have moved from discussion to implementing effective HR analytics solutions that help the business improve performance, and better yet, create competitive advantage. Pressure has been steadily building on HR functions to improve their capabilities to develop accurate insights from people data for business-critical decision making. Many HR functions have tried to dress up HR metrics as HR analytics and have therefore struggled to show real value and gain

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