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IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Cloud Pak for Business Automation is an integrated, comprehensive suite of automation products that will enable your business to optimise, streamline and speed its processes and deliver a better customer experience.

Main Features

  • Simplifies discovery of automation opportunities through process and task mining

  • Automates routine, mindless, repetitive tasks your end-users performs at their workstations

  • Automates any business process from low volume/low complexity to highly regulated, complex, high volume processes.

  • Makes documents and other content readily available to your business processes and applications

  • Automatically extract data and insights from documents, e-mails, social media.

  • Simplifies business rules / decision management by offering a centralized business rules management platform

  • Gain insights on process execution to drive continuous process improvement


  • Focus your automation efforts where you can provide higher impact

  • Frees your employees from repetitive, low value tasks to improve morale and focus on higher value tasks.

  • Streamline your process by having our workflow services automatically assign and track work to ensure consistency and reduce cycle times.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual data entry or routing physical documents

  • Achieve consistent decision making and speed up response times by making AI assisted decisions.

  • Makes your process improvement efforts more effective by having real time information and insights.


  • Content Services (FileNet Content Manager)

  • Workflow Services (Business Automation Workflow)

  • Document Capture and Data Extraction (Datacap)

  • Business Rules (ODM and Decision Services)

  • Process Mining

Success Stories

  • SOL Caribbean - Learn how this company streamlined its CAPEX process with Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Contact us to automate your business procesess using IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation,


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